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Peruvian soccer academy tales

This story is pretty difficult to take in, not only for the person at the centre of it but also the jaw-dropping attitude of Peruvian authorities.

In the year 2000, a certain Andrés Nevado Mera was working as the trainer of a boys’ football club in the town of Pomalca in northern Peru. He was convicted of the rape and murder of one of the boys in the football academy and sent to jail. At this precise time nobody really knows how he got out of that prison, but leave he did. What we do know now is that he moved to the South of Peru and took a job as, believe it or not, the trainer of a boys’ soccer team in the city of Puno.

Last night, after luring one of the boys back to his house, he tried and failed to rape the 12 year old and then slit his throat, cutting the jugular vein and cutting down as far as the thyroid gland. He then threw the boy out of his house and left him for dead in the street. Fortunately, the boy’s life was saved by a passing motor-taxi that spotted him in the gutter and rushed him to a nearby hospital.

Andrés Nevado Mera is now on the run. Incredibly, it turns out that not only did the local Puno authorities know of his murderous background, but he was also facing charges for a similar pederast attack on a boy in Puno just a few months ago! Just the kind of person you’d allow to continue running a boys’ football team in your town as well, no?

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