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Petaquilla Minerals (PTQ.to): An aclaration

In several previous posts, your author has made mention of and also linked to a US court judgement that names Richard G Fifer as a convicted narcotrafficker, having been caught bringing into the US some 4,900lb of marijuana by boat. The posts made a direct link between the convicted Richard G Fifer and the head of Petaquilla Minerals (PTQ.to), Richard Glenn Fifer.

It was brought to my attention late last week by a third party, unconnected to PTQ.to, that the Richard G. Fifer convicted was not the same person. After reviewing the evidence and also contacting the original source that offered up the information previously used by this blog, it would seem that I have been mistaken all this time, that the Fifer of PTQ is not the same person as the convicted smuggler and that, though acting in good faith at the time, my original contact also withdraws their connection between the two. IKN apologizes unreservedly for any misinformation previously published in this matter.

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