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Pity the poor, downtrodden Argentine farmer and his brand new Toyota Hilux

The 2015 election season is now well underway and the last few days have seen the country’s agricultural leaders grab the mike and have their say, what with the main annual show and get-together happening in the city of Buenos Aires. And waddyaknow, they think that the current CFK government has been the worst for the agro sector in the last 200 years and that it would be very bad news if Daniel Scioli continued with the policies of the previous and current Kirchnerist governments.
Which is the normal bullshit from the bunch of pathological liars who own all the land in Argentina. This chart from this database link:

That shows you the number of new “Light Commercial Vehicles” sold in Argentina, the category which is mostly covered in Argentina by the Toyota Hilux (top seller by quite a distance), the VW Amarok and the Ford Ranger. In other words, the vehicles of choice in the agricultural plains regions of the country. It’s long understood that sales of those vehicles are directly correlated to the wellbeing of agro’s collective back pockets. In short, a decent proxy.

The result? When they turn up to strike and block roads, they don’t even see their own hypocrisy:

The stylish, air-conditioned, comfortable way to be poor…or something. That photo from this report of the roadblock by farmers at the flatland town of Villa Maria on July 16th.

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