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Pizdets17 promises to make IKN famous

Thanks, Pizdets17!

Here’s the gig so far: Over the last few weeks and by coincidence, this desk found the names of some of the people behind the social media army working for Quinton Hennigh. And by that, don’t think literally, this is the 2021 and P.T. Barnum PhD isn’t down some back alley handing out stuffed envelopes. The chain of cash in these paid promos is ostensibly clean, coming as part of the “investor awareness” packages at any QH company these days. A straightforward chain, company pays third party, 3rd party does its magic thing, investor awareness goes up and everyone is happy. However, these promo companies are not just producers of slick videos these days, part of their sordid lifestyle involves contracting “influencers” and unsurprisingly, once junior mining is involved, it’s only a matter of time before the promise of an easy and lucrative online lifestyle has attracted the same bunch of hangers-on and lowlifes that have acted like parasites on the industry since before we were all in diapers.

I digress. So far we have a bunch of people being paid cash to pump any stock blessed with Quinton Hennigh at its helm somewhere, and they think publishing any old bunkum in exchange for easy money is a hoot. They are also nasty trolls, full of aggressive language and ready to shout down any reasonable counter-argument to a company they are paid to pump. These are the pumper trolls on Stockhouse, Twitter, CEOca, who also swear blind they do not exist and they are simple retail shareholders, if challenged. Hey, who am I to judge? But as the late great Bill Hicks said ‘It’s always funny until someone gets hurt…then it’s just hilarious’. For the rest of you, it may come as a surprise to learn that people involved in the QH paid pumpo campaign don’t like the idea of their real names being exposed. What’s more, a few have been stupid enough to engage me in mail conversations recently. For example one Pizdets17, who has been enjoying a taste of his troll medicine recently, right in his face. He now has an idea of what it feels like to be on the sharp end of what he enjoys inflicting upon others. Watching him squirm behind his macho bravado over the course of our 30+ mail conversation in the last seven days hasn’t exactly been fun, but I have to admit a certain shadenwhatnot.

At the end of our conversation, Pizdets17 told me that “he would make me famous” and how he wouldn’t back down from my “BS smearing” of him. Don’t worry, Pizdets17, I’m not going to publish any BS on you or your friends. Just the truth. You and the other members of the QH paid pump army should watch this space.


    I crossed keyboards with pissdeck17 over at STGO a while back. Too funny he posted his buys..$1.69, pumped the bejessus out of it on CEO then ended up selling in $1.40’s. i pointed out his hypocrisy over claiming he made big profits there. He BS’d about how he could show me how to make $$$ by trading “his way” LMFAO and the real humor was….SP there went to over $2 after pump was over. Thanks to Otto for shining light on that corner of PumperTrolls


    little pissant17 is a right wing antivax freak


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