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Plateau Energy (PLU.v): Real journalism 1, Business journalism 0

Funny how it takes a real journalism media, such as Spain’s newspaper of record El Pais, to seek and find the truth about a mining project. Because if you leave it with the fawning bizmedia they’ll just swallow the company line wholesale and help the promoters pump the stock. Here’s the link and here’s the extract (translated) about the problem Plateau Energy (PLU.v) doesn’t want you to know about:
Macusani Yellowcake, Peruvian subsidiary to the Canadian mining company Plateau Energy Metals, announced on Monday the discovery of 2.5m tonnes of lithium at high grade and 124m lbs of uranium at its Falchani concession, in the Puno region in South Peru. However, in 2008 local authorities and the World Monuments Fund stopped the mining projects of radioactive material because the concession lies over more than 100 sites of rock paintings and petroglyphs that are over 5,000 years old.”
 “In 2005, the National Institute of Culture (Peru INC), today a ministry, declared the rock paintings of Corani and Macusani in the Carabaya province of Puno ‘Cultural Patrimony of the Nation’ after the initiative of Rainer Hostnig, an independent investigator who studied the art work between 2001 and 2008. Hostnig did so because the Peruvian State had awarded the Canadian mining company “Pacific” a concession of 30,000 hectares for the exploitation of uranium.

“”The area under concession totally coincides with a zone that hosts the largest concentration of rock art in South-Eastern Peru, with the majority belonging to the era of hunter-gatherers”, said Hostnig, quoting the regulation that was emitted by the rector of the institute. In 2011 the Ministry of Culture recognized the pre-hispanic archeological monument as Cultural Patrimony in the category “Archeological Cultural Land”. The area covers more than 36,000 hectares at 4,500m above sea level.”

Full report here. Oops, did PLU forget to tell you they won’t be able to build the mine? How thoughtless of them…

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