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Please ask the Tinka Resources (TK.v) CEO not to waste his shareholders’ money

Oh how cute, TK CEO Graham Carman has decided he wants to be a silver miner. Which is of course his right, but equally we shareholders of TK have the right to call him out in public as the dumb market chasing promo artist that he’s trying to be. NR link here, excerpt here:
President and CEO of Tinka, Dr. Graham Carman, stated: “Tinka is
excited to reinitiate its drill programs at Ayawilca. We have some great
targets, including possible extensions of the Zinc Zone, as well as
silver-rich areas not yet included in the resource estimate at West
Ayawilca, and at the Colqui Silver Zone. We believe there is significant
silver upside which is not currently realized. We are taking all
necessary steps to minimise health risks to our employees and
communities with strict health protocols in place. The health and
wellbeing of our employees and neighbours is of paramount importance,
and our team has gone to great lengths to ensure that the coming program
is executed with as low risk as possible.”
Here’s the deal, Carman: You stick a single metre into Colquipucro chasing silver targets and I sell my shares. Today is Wednesday, you have until Sunday to contact this desk and explain just why you think chasing a faddy silver move is a smart idea just because the metal has spiked when every single drill hole stuck into Colquipurco over multiple years of exploration has been an utter waste of money. Change your mind about flushing shareholder cash down the toilet, or convince me I’m wrong, or I call sell Sunday evening. Just another dumb fashion-chasing wannabe rockstar geologist who doesn’t have a clue about reality and should stick to banging rocks. I don’t want to sponsor people who think like you do with my money, you belong in the 1990s.

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