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Polling for El Salvador’s presidential election: It’s tight

Believe it or not (these things seem to come around so quickly these days…perhaps that’s more about my own ageing process than anything else) El Salvador is now less than four months away from its presidential election, set for February 2nd 2014. Opinion polls and voter intention surveys are starting to arrive with regularity and expert on all things El Salvador, Tim over at Tim’s El Salvador Blog, is collating them all.

Here’s the link you need, as Tim is collating all polls and adding them into a very neat interactive chart. As of yesterday November 5th we have this as the latest in the line:
Salvador Sáchez Cerén (FLMN): 29.4%
Norman Quijano (ARENA): 27.6%
Antonio Saca (UNIDAD): 12.0%
In his post yesterday, Tim correctly notes that there are still 31% in the undecided column, so this one is still very much up for grabs. And by way of a quick reminder, FLMN is the current government (Pres Funes cannot run again), ARENA is the main right-wing opposition and UNIDAD is a coalition trying to butt in on El Salvador’s dominant two party system.

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