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Possible coup d’etat going down in Honduras

Things are a bit confused in Honduras right now, but the basic story is that:
  • President Manuel Zelaya is trying to push through a change to the constitution to allow the president (i.e. him) to be re-elected.
  • A few days ago army general and armed forces head Romeo Vasquez refused to support the move for a referendum on the issue (claiming it was illegal) and was dismissed by his President last night.
  • His defence minister resigned, apparently in protest at the presidential decision.
  • This afternoon, the country’s supreme court has annuled the presidential decree that sacked Vasquez.
  • Right now troops are moving through the capital Tegucigalpa and quelling disturbances, supposedly instigated by Zeyala supporters.
  • The President has asked the Organization of American States (OAS) for support.
Like I say, things are not clear as yet but there does seem to be a military move to block the President’s greater ambitions. Whether this is a fully fledged coup right now, or the beginnings of one, or merely a show of strength to chastize Zelaya remains to be seen. It’s worth mentioning that Zelaya has been polling very low in approval ratings in 2009, normally in the low 20s.

“Mel” Zelaya has a moustache

UPDATE: The region is calling out against “an attempted coup d’etat” at the moment.

UPDATE 2 SUNDAY MORNING: Latest news here

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