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Possibly the single most laughable analysis of LatAm political risk this year (and with the amount of competition out there, that’s saying something)

It’s about South American Silver (SAC.to), it’s from Byron Capital Markets, it’s written by some guy named Jon Hykawy PhD MBA (we include the letters to show that being educated and being intelligent are often mutually exclusive) and it’s available for download here. There are two things that make it so, but so poor:
1) It calls buy on South American Silver (SAC.to), which is bad enough but the big one is…
2) It called buy on SAC.to yesterday, July 10th 2012, despite the overwhelming evidence already clear to anyone with half a brain that Bolivia was taking the Mallku Khota concession away from SAC.to. It honestly beggars belief to see this type of call made to clients yesterday morning. Byron already had a buy call and a $2.75 (!!) target on this dog of all dogs but couldn’t get away from their own misguided, incorrect and entrenched view on the stock, preferring instead to throw their clients even further under the truck.
Jon Hykawy, Ph.D., MBA, you sir are a dumbass. Worse, you’re a dumbass who prefers to wallow in chutzpah than give honest advice to the people who pay your salary. When you write things like…

“As such, we have to conclude that while there may be a period of extended dialogue, the rule of law is likely to prevail and SAC will likely have the opportunity to develop at least the main ore body at Malhu Khota.”

…you deserve everything your boss offers down to you, and good and hard. Therefore, rather than spin out your lies and aggravate client losses with your utter stupidity next time just…

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