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Postcard from PDAC: An addition to yesterday

NRI must have had a good night’s sleep, as our superspy just remembered something else that went on over at the Petaquilla stand and wanted to add to yesterday’s missive. Looks like Goldex is looking to sell its El Pato property in Guatemala and is not being very subtle about it, either. Here’s NRI:

Darn it, Otto, there’s something important I meant to include in my report of my interrogation of Pet.rep, the CFO of Petaquilla Minerals…allow me:

Our discussion did not have a natural conclusion with our parting being preceded by a courteous adieu and a handshake. What happened was this guy in a suit with an exhibitor’s name tag which said GOLDEX rushed up, butted in on my tete a tete with Pet.rep. and said to Pet.rep. : Want to buy a gold project in Guatemala? And Pet.rep. responded: Yes. We’ll talk.

Otto, my point is not to draw attention to what a rude little prick the guy in a suit with a GOLDEX name tag was but to tell you how it shocked and amazed me that this Master of the Universe should be so indiscreet and careless about letting me in on his wheeling and dealing. I mean we are not talking about their dealing baseball cards or dope. Imagine if I were chatting with Yamana’s Peter Marrone. What do you think the chances are that Tye Burt might rush up, interrupt, and say: Hey Peter. Wanna buy a gold project in Russia? Only a Kupolla million…

Isn’t there some rule about a level playing field? Well, I intend to watch the share price action of PTQ.to and Goldex Resources – GDX.v – and if it develops that I could have made a profitable trade on this inside information to which I, but not all members of the public, was privy, I will send a postcard to the OSC as well.

Gotta go. No time here to tell you about my meeting Vena’s Juan Vegarra the other night…just as well…my heart’s still pounding.



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