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President Dilma Rousseff slips her security guard cordon and escapes for a motorbike ride in Brasilia

Folha has the political anecdote of the day here. In it, we hear of the time that President Dilma casually told her Minister for Energy and Mining, Edison Lobao, that she’d recently (no precise date given) escaped from her security cordon and gone for an illicit motorbike ride around the streets of the capital Brasilia. Lobao said that when he heard it from Dilma’s lips he didn’t believe it at first, until at the end of the conversation the two were joined by her security chief. She said “Even he didn’t know about it”, but then the security head, Marcos Amaro, replied saying that he’d got wind of the move and had some of his men follow her at a distance, just to make sure and without cramping her style at the time (which apparently surprised Dilma in turn).
As for Lobao’s opinion on Dilma’s escapade? “It was the President’s adventure, she deserves (to do) it. Her job greatly limits her leisure time options, you can’t go to theatres, cinemas, restaurants like normal people.”

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