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Presidential approval ratings in Latin America

A big thank you to Tim’s El Salvador blog for the image below. Quite simply, Tim runs the best English language blog about El Salvador out there and does a high class job. Visit early and often and get wise to the country.
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The chart is taken from the nice people over at Mitofsky, who put together these poll-of-polls every couple of months or so. The columns show the country and President, the month of the last poll (either August or September) the numbers of months s/he has been in office and the approval rating.

  • In the dark green “we totally rule” category, Funes in El Salvador and Martinelli of Panama are enjoying their honeymoon periods right now. Lula, ‘Chelle and the little guy with glasses in Colombia are all as popular as ever.
  • In the light green “we’re popular” category comes Calderón, Vasquez and Evo.
  • The yellow-shaded “look we’re still ok here but we gotta watch out” category come some guy with a foxy wife, Studmuffin, Rasputin and Colom (who’s managed to shake off the murder accusations in the last few days, too).
  • Bringing up the rear come the guy who EpicFailed in the negotiations with the coupmonger fascists of Honduras, Twobreakfasts and Klishtina. She was a dead duck Prez in month four or so…nothing has changed.
You’ll note that Hugo isn’t on the list. He polled 58% last time round, according to the pretty reliable Datanalisis polling firm.

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