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Presidential approval ratings in The Americas: The new Mitofsky poll

Every so often, Mexican pollsters Mitofsky release a “poll of polls” on approval ratings of all Heads of State in The Americas (mostly Presidents, a smattering of Prime Ministers). This week sees the latest edition of the Mitofsky tome and here’s the link and here’s the pretty coloured chart that your humble scribe has done to make it easier on the Anglophone. Click the chart to embiggen and more betterer to readeration:
And the winner is….
Rafael Correa, President of Ecuador! Take a bow Studmuffin, you and your 80% approval. Also polling in the “green for good” section are:
  • Funes of El Salvador (sexy and he knows it), 
  • Pérez Molina of Guatemala (enjoying honeymoon period
  • Chávez of Venezuela (look, take it up with Mitofsky not with me, ok?
  • Rousseff of Brazil (we like her, good at numbers and pals with Lula)
  • Fernández of The Dominican Republic (who’s made great strides since polling a mere 38% in January 2012)

Then come the middle-rankers, from Daniel Ortega on 59% through to Cristina on 43%. After that we enter the dangers zones and six Presidents/HoS between 41% (Evo) and 36% (Seb). Finally, the real down low bummers are Porfirio Lobo of Honduras and Laura Chinchilla of Costa Rica

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