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Presidential Dates

In my opinion, Yang Jiechi has good taste in
neckties and definitely wears glasses

Brazil’s Lula has a date with China’s Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi (and entourage) who landed last night in Brazil for a three day trip. If you find it strange that you’ve so far heard nothing about this trip, let that reflect on how badly South America is reported in English. I had to go as far a The Macau Times for an article. Another example of the typical BS “if it doesn’t happen with us involved it can’t be important” attitude that has got you guys up there into so much schtuk.

Argentina’s Klishtina has a date with President Raul today as part of her delayed-but-now-happening state visit to an island called Cuba (you might have heard of it). No word on whether the important Castro will meet her.

Seven days and counting for Evo’s big date with the new constitution, the big vote set for next Sunday. The ridiculously biased English language reporting has already started. I haven’t pulled this note apart here over the weekend because it really is too dire for words and not worth any more than this 20 seconds of typing time. Shameful stuff from Bloomie.

February 15th is the date now set for Venezuela‘s constitutional amendment vote, which will (or not) allow Hugo Chávez to run again for Prez in 2011 or 2012 or something. The amendment will also allow all elected officials in Venezuela to run for indefinite office. Due to the reams of crap that will be written over the next month, this vote is going to hurt our heads. Thus IKN tells you first and also says that coverage here will be minimal until the final couple of days.

Oh yeah..nearly forgot…. some kind of bash is going down in Washington DC tomorrow… something to do with presidents too. Remember that the US markets are closed tomorrow (though Canada will be open because it still thinks it’s not connected to the USA).

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