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PretiVm (PVG) confirms the bull market is back…

…by immediately reverting to one of the nastiest habits of the BS promo marketer, smearing the drill assays. This morning’s NR from PretiVm-We’re-Cool-For-Going-All-Roman Resources (PVG) trumpets this…

Hole VU-565 intersected 206.23 grams of gold per tonne uncut over 17.00 meters, including 6,980 grams of gold per tonne uncut over 0.50 meters

…at the top of the shop. You’re supposed to be impressed of course, but when you stick it through the handy-dandy drill hole calculator you get this:

Yup, that’s 16.5m of 0.9 g/t gold and a thin, high-grading vein.
And why are they doing this? That’s because PVG is still trying to convince the world that VOK is an underground bulk-mining operation. And that’s because if they bowed to the obvious and admitted it was a thin vein mine, they’d have to greatly reduce their annual production estimates. 
Hey, wonder why that PVG COO resigned all of a sudden last month?

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