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Prize Mining (PRZ.v) and the BridgeMark Group

To answer a reader’s question.
When the BridgeMark corruption scam first came to light back in late November, the very first reaction of this humble corner of cyberspace to the news was summed up in the title line to the post, Here’s hoping the BCSC goes after TSX companies as well, not just CSE“. Well people, so far at least the BCSC has made no public moves in that direction but its equivalent over in Alberta, the ASC, came out with a partial Cease Trade Order (CTO) last week on Prize Mining (PRZ.v), the TSXV stock that was pumped by a whole range of self-styled gurus and newsletter parasites in exchange for money and/or shares in 2017 and 2018 (while those running the scam dumped no end of shares onto the hapless buyers who fell for this cock and bull story). And part of the ASC presser has a list of entities now covered by the CTO. Here you go:
“The interim cease trade order affects: Seungkap Kim, Kyung Kim Yoon, Justin Edgar Liu, Lisa Jackson,
Detona Capital Corp., Tryton Financial Corp., and Rockshore Advisors
Ltd. (formerly known as Cam Paddock Enterprises), and any respondents
who are associates of these parties by definition in the Act.”
So let’s compare that list of fun with the list published by the BCSC when it revealed the BridgeMark Group scam. Your humble scribe adds red ink whenever names coincide:
BridgeMark Financial Corp., Jackson & Company Professional Corp., Anthony
Kevin Jackson; Lukor Capital Corp., Justin Edgar Liu; Rockshore Advisors Ltd.
(formerly known as Cam Paddock Enterprises Inc.),
Cameron Robert Paddock; Simran
Singh Gill; JCN Capital Corp., John Rosarino Bevilacqua; Essos Corporate
Services Inc., Sway Capital Corp., Von Rowell Torres, David Matthew Schmidt; Detona
Capital Corp.,
Danilen Villanueva; Natasha Jon Emami; Altitude Marketing Corp.,
Ryan Peter Venier; Platinum Capital Corp., 658111 B.C. Ltd., Jason Christopher
Shull; Tryton Financial Corp., Abeir Haddad; Tavistock Capital Corp., Robert
John Lawrence; Jarman Capital Inc., Scott Jason Jarman; Northwest Marketing and
Management Inc., Aly Babu Husein Mawji, Rufiza Babu Husein Mawji-Esmail, Denise
Marie Trainor; Randy White, Escher Invest SA, Hunton Advisory Ltd.; Kendl
Capital Limited; 1153307 B.C. Ltd., Russell Grant Van Skiver; Bertho Holdings
Ltd., Robert William Boswell; Haight-Ashbury Media Consultants Ltd., Ashkan
Shahrokhi; Saiya Capital Corporation, Tara Kerry Haddad; Keir Paul MacPherson; Tollstam
& Company Chartered Accountants, Albert Kenneth Tollstam; 727 Capital,
David Raymond Duggan; Viral Stocks Inc.; and 10X Capital.
And those are just the direct connections, there are others of course such as David Schmidt the ex-director of PRZ being a BridgeMark Group member, or the way David Duggan pumped the stock via his outlets. Anyone still think PRZ is a legit company? Anyone out there thinking that PRZ is the only TSXV name to have run scams on the general public, aided and abetted by corrupt conmen and conwomen who publish breathless hype in exchange for dirty money? If so please mail in, I would like to interest you in a bridge I have for sale.

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