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Prize Mining (PRZ.v) and the Great Vancouver Hypocrisy Show

IKN Nerve Centre is enjoying the spectacle immensely. The same newsletter writers, bloggers, self-styled mining gurus and assorted hangers-on who launched into your humble scribe over this post on Prize Mining (PRZ.v) back on October 22nd are trying to re-make themselves as saviours and guardians of the truth, fighting to get to the head of the queue to slam PRZ and wisely stating that this sort of paid pump cheque swap thing should be stamped out. Even funnier is noting how the people who happily took payments from PRZ to pump the stock, e.g. “equity guru” Chris Parry and his mini-me Greg Nolan (aka “dirk diggler” on CEOca and other bullboards of ill repute) have suddenly seen the light, too. 
These people do not provide the solution. They are the problem, the hypocritical assfaces.

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