Take physic, pomp

Producer mining stocks are at buyable prices…

…for the first time in a while.
By which this humble corner of cyberspace refers to the mining sector, rather than any single company. It’s becoming easier to buy the sector, or buy the usual suspect stocks, or buy the ETFs and that’s a good thing, life becomes easier and there’s more time for the important things in life such as ice-cream or books or quality music or stamp collecting or bricklaying because there’s no need to spend hours poring over dozens of operating miner stocks trying to find the undervalued one, the name the hot money missed as it melted into the sector and took valuations from reasonable, straight through overbought and directly to the “Are they serious?” sillynumbers that assumed gold would be at U$1,500/oz by Thursday tea-time and that Keith Neumeyer’s theory on the Gold/Silver Ratio holds more water than Anne Elk’s on the Brontosaurus (clears throat).
I’m sure the newswires will hang the correction on Jackson and his hole. The real blame is with dumbasses believing the breathless marketing hype and paying too much money for things. The capital market is now handing over the usual timely lesson.

PS: Of course it goes without saying that none of the above applies to the stocks I currently own, which to a name are still wildly undervalued and today being unjustly dumped by crazy idiots without an ounce of market nous or common sense. Thank you for your attention, please return to your August.

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