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Productivity, Honduras style

This story has been bouncing round the web in Spanish for a couple of days, but for some unknown reason it’s not been seen much in ‘Merican, so here goes.
According to RT, who broke the story first, the South Korea / USA owned company ‘Honduras Electrical Distribution Systems Kyungshin-Lear’ has a factory making electrical harnesses in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. At the plant, its 4,000 workers are forced to wear diapers (or ‘nappies’ if you prefer) while at work so that they don’t leave their workstation to go to the bathroom during their shifts.
Union head at the plant, Daniel Durón, sais to RT, “We have reported that the employees wear diapers in order to urinate and to stop them from going to the restrooms“, who also stated that this is just one of a many forms of malpractice that employees have reported to the Honduran government at the factory in the last few months, only to have been ignored until now.

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