Take physic, pomp

Proof that Studmuffin will talk to anyone

“The card you chose was……..THE NINE OF DIAMONDS!”
(crowd bursts into wild applause)
News yesterday is that some lady named Hillary is visiting Ecuador in June to chat with Da Muffin about this and that. The last time they saw each other was Uruguay in March, but this one will be the first official visit by a US Sec State since Madeleine Albright in 2000. Here’s the translated blurb and quote from EcuadorCentral, which features the name Arturo Valenzuela, head US diplo for LatAm, i.e. the guy who normally has to clear up the mess the other make. This time he got to do something more proactive.

“Arturo Valenzuela called me a few days ago and said that Hillary wants to visit Ecuador, and I said that she’s welcome”, said Correa. “(The visit will discuss).. regional issues, Unasur issues. There’s a wide agenda with the USA pending, including commercial talks.”

So now you know.

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