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Protest march of miners in Puno

Via the camera of an IKN Special Correspondent here’s part of the scene the scene right now, Tuesday 2:30pm local time, as a few thousand miners from the La Rinconada and Ananea mines (nearly all informal type gold mining) descend on the city of Juliaca in Puno region to tell President Ollanta Humala what they think of him. The photo shows just part of the long line of people (at ‘Puente Maravillas’ a few clicks outside the city centre, if you know your Juliaca well):
What they’re singing isn’t particularly complimentary about their President either. They don’t like the mineworkers’ formalization process enacted by this government, which probably means they’re in favour of the Keiko Fujimori position of scrapping the current failed plan and starting again (or just kind of forgetting about the whole formalization process altogether).

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