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Proven liar Daniel Ameduri pumps Keith Neumeyer’s First Mining (FF.to) for the fiftieth time

The proven bullshit liar Daniel “Davidoff Cigar” Ameduri continues to suck deeply at the throbbing member of his partner in grime, Keith Neumeyer. Here at Future Money Trends, and he’s also bounced $100k cashmoney over to sister scam site Wealth Research as seen here. But of all the words written on this pump, the only bit that matters is this, right at the end:
Never base any decision off of our
advertorials. Future Money Trends stock profiles are intended to be
stock ideas, NOT recommendations. The ideas we present are high risk and
you can lose your entire investment, we are not stock pickers, market
timers, investment advisers, and you should not base any investment
decision off our website, emails, videos, or anything we publish. 
Please do your own research before investing. It is crucial that you at
least look at current SEC filings and read the latest press releases.
Information contained in this profile was extracted from current
documents filed with the SEC, the company web site and other publicly
available sources deemed reliable. Never base any investment decision
from information contained in our website or emails or any or our
publications. Our report is not intended to be, nor should it be
construed as an offer to buy or sell, or a solicitation of an offer to
buy or sell securities, or as a recommendation to purchase anything.
This publication may provide the addresses or contain hyperlinks to
websites; we disclaim any responsibility for the content of any such
other websites.
We have been compensated by First Mining Gold,
one hundred thousand options for a one year agreement. We have
previously been compensated nine hundred thousand options for past years
agreements, none of our options have been exercised. In addition to
options we are currently managing a marketing budget of two hundred and
fifty thousand dollars, paid for directly by the company.
Please use our
site as a place to get ideas. Enjoy our videos and news analysis, but
never make an investment decision off of anything we say. Please review
our entire disclaimer at FutureMoneyTrends.com.”
As for the stock, a bigger POS is difficult to imagine and it’s as much of a money pit now as it was two years ago. Swamp Castle, oh yeah.

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