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Pucallpa in Peru is going downhill

Unofficial word coming out of the jungle region city of Pucallpa in Peru this evening is not good. Your author has read first-hand WhatsApp accounts (impossible to be fake, verified by trusted 3rd parties) of hospitals that no longer accept suspected Covid-19 patients because staff do not have the necessary PPE. As a result people are going home, dying there and we are suddenly facing the scenes we saw in Guayaquil in Ecuador two weeks ago. Meanwhile, two of the four state hospitals have closed because half of the health workers are sick, so authorities have pooled human resources into two locations. Both of which are totally swamped, sadly inevitable.

This three minute Spanish language report on the unfolding crisis in Pucallpa made it to Peruvian TV screens last night. By all accounts, things are worse today.

Youtube here.

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