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Pucara Gold (TORO.v): A mail recently sent

This afternoon, your author sent this to David Awram and Keith Laskowski of Sandstorm Gold (SAND). The screenshot also shamelessly includes the grammar-typo, one of those when the brain thinks of two things at once and ends up writing “deals done a company” instead of either simple option:

To be clear, this desk plans to lodge a complaint with the US SEC, asking them to investigate how Sandstorm Gold Royalties (SAND), a company that trades under US rules and must abide by the US SEC (not the limp-wristed wastes of space that regulate Canada), managed to get itself a 1% NSR on the Lourdes property owned by Pucara Gold (TORO.v). As both Awram (director of SAND and TORO.v) and Laskowski (employee of SAND and investor in Pucara Gold while still a private company) are directly involved with both companies, I thought they might like to know first.

In other words, ladies and gents, this humble corner of cyberspace is going to prove to you all that crime pays and Steve Common Thief Zuker will get away with his securities fraud. He’ll get rich from it, too.


    Rob The future 08/10/20 8:46 pm

    Once upon a time an investor dumped AGI cuz its ceo held a bod position at Silvercrest’s manipulated and corporate plaything; New Pacific.( which used money raised in a public offering to buy and hold Silvercrest stock as “investment securities” in its’ treasury. It’s all there in their own filings. Dey sey pey yeself ferst…even if aint yers.


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