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Pucara Gold (TORO.v) one year on

There were so many memorable moments in October 2020; The riots in Poland, the record numbers of postal votes for the upcoming US Presidential election, The Lakers won a 17th NBA title, John Daly hit a hole-in-one while playing barefoot at a charity golf tournament. Also, the securities scam played on Vancouver by white collar criminals Jamie Keech, Nolan Watson, David Awram, Keith Laskowski and the man at the centre of it all, Steve Common Thief Zuker at Pucara Gold (TORO.v).

  • Remember how Jamie Keech primed the IPO with gushing prose and got a 40c IPO to trade at $1.50?
  • Recall the way these scam runners filled their pockets with sub-penny shares in the months before the scam?
  • Remember the way it traded?
  • Remember how the results….errr, didn’t match the hype?

What’s funny these days is to check out the TORO.v website. What you see is…

…a sudden reticence to say anything in public. Zero news from this company in seven months! Then again, why should they bother? These disgusting, self-serving pigs who happily use criminal activity to fill their boots with cash are too busy having fun spending your money to keep up the pretense. And laughing at you, retail sucker. A plague o’ both your houses, Vancouver.


    If one of these bums in Vancouver ever murders you will your subscribers get a refund?

    Nikko Montreal Ouest 24/10/21 12:00 pm

    I must say, I admire the author for pointing out the scumbags of the industry. Also guys like Moriarti cannot be taken seriouslybas he gets payed for what he pumps. My question to you is, do you get payed for the companies that you promote or have you ever?


      No, i don’t. And no, I haven’t ever.

      Specific professional expenses caveat: Mining companies normally stump the expenses for site visits and i’m no exception, so normally (not always) i’ve been comped for air ticket, hotels and meals while visiting their sites. That’s as far as it goes, mainly because they are too scared to try to bribe me with a low number (my number is higher, and in cash).


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