untune that string and hark

Puke ara Gold (TORO.v)

Maybe crime doesn’t pay, after all. The price of speculative stocks may go down as well as up.

And Jamie Keech is now rich after playing you all for suckers. Your money now owned by him, all thanks to the nest of vipers at Sandstorm Gold and a junior run by a common thief.


    with the right accent it’s puke-era


    Ok, this is kinda funny.

    Who spends more time obsessing over the other person:

    1) fake twitter guy obsessing over IKN
    2) IKN obsessing over Jamie Keech


      I think most of us enjoy him blasting guys like Keech.

      Throwing tantrums over harmless headlines from the Osisko group seems a bit silly though. The idea that they don’t know how to market is a reach. (Some would say they only know two things – drilling and marketing).


    Include yourself in the suckers list as we know you bought too


      Weeping with laughter here. So tell me, brain of the comments section, who would “we” be, exactly?

      And as it’s you AGAIN, at what point are you going to realize how stupid your obsession with this blog is? And your non-stop trolling of this website is slightly odd, as you have an opinion on anything i say or do. So, are you secretly in love with me?


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