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Punchline Resources (PUNL) is a scam

Are we clear? There are more red flags on this than Tiananmen Square (no cash at bank, $1.3m in liabilities, BS option deal, brand new name change, etc etc etc) but to name just one, our newly minted CEO Ramzan Savji (who just happens to be the only officer of the company) bought 30m shares of this company for $30,000 a few weeks ago (i.e. 60% of all shares out) and according to today’s close they’re worth over $45m….if he can sell them at that price, anyway. Beginning to notice anything?
It has an option on a worthless piece of dirt in Nevada, nothing in the bank, a new $1m loan from some shady offshore and is being pumped in a classic manner by the scumbag bucket shops and boiler rooms. And if you’re stupid enough to buy into this classic illegal pump and dump scheme without checking the SEC filings first, you deserve to lose your money because it took your humble scribe about five minutes of click’n’read to see through this bullshit. Are we clear on that too?
Avoid this worthless piece of junk like the veritable plague.

UPDATE: Yes, you blithering idiots at profitly, it’s a scam. 

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