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Quick update on three issues

Your humble scribe is playing house doctor today. With people coughing left right and centre chances are that posting will be light, at least in market hours. Just three covered stories to update on regarding juniors in LatAm:
1) Bolivia’s Labour Minister, Daniel Santalla, is going to Mallku Khota today in order to try and negotiate the release of the hostages taken as part of locals’ protests against South American Silver’s (SAC.to) presence at the silver project. 
2) Candente Copper (DNT.to) announced a few days ago that this Sunday, July 8th, would see a vote by locals around the Cañariaco copper project on whether they would allow project exploration to continue. Earlier this week however, the vote was suspended until September by said locals. What’s strange is that DNT.to was so keen on fanfaring this vote as about to happen, but doesn’t have the decency to update its own shareholders that the vote’s off.
3) Another death reported due to the Cajamarca disturbances around the Conga project, bringing the total now to five, as a protester injured during the attack on the town hall at Celendín on Monday died from his wounds this morning.

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