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Quinton Hennigh’s cockroaches: Dmitri Voyevoda

The real name of the hired troll called Pizdets17 on CEOca and other places is Dmitri Voyevoda, of Calgary Canada. When he isn’t being paid cash for pumping a seemingly endless list of Quinton Hennigh stocks on social media, he works as an area manager for a company called Broadview Homes in Calgary. Yeah…he’s a real estate salesperson…bet that was a shock. If you want to talk with Dmitiri directly about his recommendations for Mantaro Silver or any other of the P.T. Barnum PhD rip-offs he’s urged you to buy recently, his work phone number and mail address are on this link.


    Ah the doxxing.



    Why do we care about your personal axe to grind with this guy? Lowering yourself to this kid of level reduces the already low level of whatever credibility you may have once had. Get on to real things, or find a hobby. No one wants to read this garbage.

    Nikko Montreal Ouest 03/10/21 9:34 am

    LOL. Ive seen this Pizdets character pumping garbage. I knew he was Russian or Urkrainian from his nom de plume. What a piece of Ukrainian garbage.


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