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Quinton Hennigh’s cockroaches: Dylan Spencer

Cockroach is also more accurate than “Brave and Valiant Soldier in Quinton Hennigh’s Army”, don’t you think?

Dylan Spencer was known until recently as “Dillythedealer” on CEOca and would populate all the boards with P.T.Barnum PhD involved. Constant posting, insults to anyone who dared pick holes in a QH exploreco, several “Papertrade Buy” calls on companies such as New Found Gold (NFG.v) and Mantaro Silver (MSLV…at 44c…wonderful), as well as constant chatter on their boards using every troll technique known to the scumballs who run him. Until recently, that is. He decided to pull his ID very recently (I wonder why) but the good news that he’s back, this time under the moniker “overunder” and sure enough, he’s pumping the same stocks under his new pseud. Dylan Spencer is not a mining expert, nor is he a shareholders of the companies he pumps and in fact, his only claim to expertise aside from being a troll and internet moron is in laying bricks and setting plasterboard. Dylan Spencer is a residential building contractor from BC. I’m not so sure you should take his opinion on mining stocks so seriously, yknow…

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