Win us with honest trifles

Radius Gold (RDU.v) after yesterday’s webinar (with ego-prick update)

Simon Ridgway and Bruce Smith, winning friends and influencing people.

Great job, guys. He had to leave Fortuna, as there was no way in the world its Roxgold merger would have been voted up. Anyway, good to see RDU getting all the attention it deserves (i.e. none at all if your name isn’t Brent). Ah, Simon, the damage you can do by getting blind drunk in hotel lobbies and mouthing off about bloggers…

UPDATE: My how we laughed. His ego duly pricked, Simon wades in and paints the tape with…wait for it…two thousand shares!

Hey, big spender. The words “Simon”, “prick” and “ego” go together well, don’t they?

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