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1) Ritholtz gives us a list of the Fed people and their attitudes towards rates, right here. Nice summary/temperature gauge thingy.
2) I’m not an expert on China, never have been never will be. But the need to know a little more surfaces on occasion and when Michael Pettis entitles a long piece “If we don’t understand both sides of China’s balance sheet, we understand neither” it was impossible to resist. This is longread stuff (and at the end he notes that it’s an abridged version of the essay that went out to his subscribers last month) but it’s strongly recommended as a window on the subject. It also explains why I’ve suddenly noticed the phrase “phase shift” being used about China’s economy by all the talking heads recently; they’ve stolen it from this piece. Anyway, go read Pettis on China, you’ll be smarter about this key variable once you do.
3) Caesar’s Report today published a PDF analysis report on Nevada Copper (NCU.to). It’s entitled “If only the copper price would start to cooperate!” and yes, they actually used an exclamation mark. My favourite bits from the report are:
The downturn in copper price has also affected Nevada Copper’s share price, and has reduced the market capitalization to under C$100M. If analysts predicting rising copper prices in the near future are correct, then the current share price of under C$1.20 certainly represents a true buying opportunity. 

Nevada Copper Corp. is a sponsor of the website, we also hold a long position. Please always do your own research. 

This document is distributed free of charge

Caesar’s Report reminds me of that Mencken quote about democracy, “…that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it, good and hard.”
4) A screenshot of my spam inbox this morning:
There seems to be a pattern emerging.

5) “Why does music give us chills?” That’s the title of this Guardian note, it’s a good read.


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