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Randy Smallwood owns his decisions

Last night the thoughts of your humble scribe couldn’t help but drift back to that Randy Smallwood interview we featured yesterday, when the head of Silver Wheaton (SLW) just couldn’t resist sticking one into Nolan Watson, head of fellow streamer company Sandstorm (SAND) (and ex-employee of SLW…no baggage there of course). But not just that “oh he’s just a financier” bitchslap, there were two other things
  • Smallwood claims that in thirty years in mining he’s never had someone lying to him. That has to be more of a reflection that Smallwood can’t spot a liar. 
  • Then the more interesting one: Both before and after his Watson bitchslap Smallwood goes on about the way SLW has this wonderful fantastic technical team, does great DD, doesn’t rely on the opinions of third parties and “owns its decisions”. He makes a big fanfare thing about the silly buzzphrase in fact, “We own our decisions and that’s one of the reasons why we’re so strong“, just one example.
This is, of course, the company that paid Barrick U$611m for a stream on Pascua Lama. Own it, Randy. Own it. Then write it down in stages.
And just to drop to his catty level for the last line, after watching that video a couple of times he presumably owns the decision to put on all that weight over the last year or so.

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