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Re-Post: Otto’s NOBS: A bespoke analysis service

IncaKola presents its investor service, “Otto’s NOBS”.

NOBS stands for ‘No B.S.’ (and if you have to ask what B.S. stands for you’re at the wrong website). NOBS is a bespoke analysis service aimed at the individual investor. NOBS is designed to target junior or exploration mining companies, as this is sector that is mostly covered on site. However, be clear that NOBS can be ordered for any company in any sector.

How it works
You write to me ordering a report on the company of choice. I then prepare a bespoke NOBS report which is delivered in 24/48 hours (or 72 hours absolute max if I’m busy on other things, and I’ll warn you if there’s such a delay beforehand) in PDF format. You can expect the report to be around 4 or 5 pages long and include (assuming as example a junior miner):

1) An overview of the company, its operations and its share structure

2) Details of its projects, including my impressions and views on its main operation or flagship project.

3) Details on management and key personnel, including my impressions and views.

4) A look at the key points of the company’s financial reports, which point out actual and future strengths/weaknesses of the company’s finances.

5) A conclusion that sums up the pros and cons of the company and my interpretations, including a balanced, personal decision on whether the current share price represents value.

At around four or five pages of A4 size, the NOBS report will be short but concise and packed with relevant details and the opinions of someone who examines companies for a living (i.e. me). But be clear that you will not get an exhaustive, full-scale analysis including reports of on-site visits, detailed biographies of management, line-by-line breakdown of balance sheet filings etc. That kind of extensive report comes at a much higher cost and isn’t the concept in mind here (though enquiries are also welcome for extensive reports).

As this kind of report should take me around four or five hours of research and writing I’m setting the price at U$100, payable via Paypal or Western Union transfer (whichever is more convenient for you, and you get to find out my real name and where I live if you pay via WU). The price is set low (around U$20/h of my time) because I want this service to be accessible to the private investor, but it does come with a price tag because I’d like this website to start generating income and to pay for itself. So the hundred dollar price tag is a personal compromise. If you ask, I’d suspect that a discount for multiple orders is available.

Example Copy
Linked here is an example of a NOBS report. It’s a real live example that I’ve put together on the junior miner Andina Minerals (ADM.v) and it’s the free giveaway that allows you to see what the service can offer you. Please enjoy this complimentary copy and feel free to pass on to other people. Here is the link again.

So for firm orders, further details on NOBS and any questions answered on the service feel free to contact me at:

otto.rock1 (AT) gmail (DOT) com

You won’t find a pushy salesperson who starts peppering you with “why haven’t you taken me up on this yet?” if you write an enquiry mail. You will find someone who knows the business but also has a relaxed attitude to life. You can even write and request a second free example report on Metanor Resources (MTO.v).

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