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Reaction to yesterday’s Continental Gold (CNL.to) post

The following is a collection of the unsolicited comments, replies and suchlike from readers of yesterday’s post on Continental Gold (CNL.to), the one that explains how your author has cancelled all contact and business with the Colombia Gold Symposium 2018 because CNL is also a sponsor and I’m not going to stand next to them after what they’ve done. The comments came in via e-mail, Twitter and WhatsApp. I will reserve the IDs of the correspondents but for what it’s worth, there are plenty of experienced exploration geologists among the group. 

story is deeply disturbing that a company would willingly and knowingly
risk the lifes of employees. He might not be solely responsible but I
will never put a single Dollar near something Ari Sussman is involved in
ever. And hopefully word spreads so finally
nobody wants to work for such company anymore…

Congrats on your decision to pull out of the Colombia Gold Symposium, absolute right decision!”

I applaud your integrity! Thank you for calling CNL behaviour out. I’m
from that vintage of exploration geologists that were considered
“disposable” by CEO’s/money people of junior explo co’s and  mining
companies. It is comforting/refreshing/amazing to know that there might be a champion out there for our next generation of geo’s. These are the people that actually make the discoveries that make those people rich.


Good on you, hopefully Paul will understand and hopefully someone at continental will get the red hot poker treatment


very rare protest in an industry that quickly buries it mistakes
(figuratively and literally in this case) and is in desperate need of a
moral compass and a spine. Kudos for the stance, sympathies to the
families suffering for the loss of their loved ones.


mgmt are a bunch of despicable cowards.  They must be held accountable
and can not be allowed to fabricate their version of truth.  Kudos to
you for protesting loudly, through your continuing coverage and through
your actions.


It’ll probably go right over the heads of CNL but it might encourage others to take a stand.


Mad respect bro!!!

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