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Reader mailbag, GMV Minerals (GMC.v) edition

While your humble scribe sneaks time away, we fill in with a bit of reader mail. Here’s today’s best from reader “FG”, regarding GMV Minerals (GMV.v) and its news yesterday (yup he saw the crass scam in nanoseconds):


Hey Otto:

I’m sick of this shit, sick of these bullshit companies, and especially sick of these bullshit QPs who allow this type of release to make it to market. I’m a P.Geo., and I take it seriously. These asshats make us all look bad.

Just so you know, from now on, every time you shine your light on these cockroaches, I’m going to file a complaint with BCSC naming both the company, the offending news release, and the QP involved. It’s not hard to do, and it takes more than a name’n’shame on a public blog to get the regulators moving, unfortunately. An actual complaint might actually get some action. (Maybe.)


Thanks FG and agreed on how little this humble corner of cyberspace can change matters. People who read IKN are normally more switched on as well, not the dumbasses who think they’re being helped over at CEO.ca, poor dears.

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