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reader’s polltime!

What with one thing and another, the amount of mail containing abuse and threats received by your humble servant has seen an upspike in recent days. Now let’s make it clear that I’m not talking about you people that write to disagree, not even if you come over on the snide side. Nah, what we’re talking about are threats like the one received from one of the German whores yesterday who wanted to know my address so that he could “send the summons” (he must have had too many Carlsberg Astras, methinks). It seems his view on Trevali differs from my own!

So I thought we’d have a reader’s poll on this one. What do you think I should do with the abusive stuff received? Here are the choices, pick your fave.

  • 1) Send them my home address and invite them round so they can meet my dog. Personally the wife should scare them more but somehow visitors always seem nervous of him and his mouth. It must be something to do with his size :-).
  • 2) Publish all hatemail received on the blog. Also publish the e-mail addresses as they will then get picked up by the spambots roaming the web and start sending them adverts for penis enlargement kits.
  • 3) Ignore them. This option is the boring one but might save the most time.
  • 4) Join the German language Wallstreetonline message board and spend all day explaining to the poor saps that read these paid pumpers just how false the “special inside information” really is. The same could be done for the ECU Silver message bullboards, as just one other example (of many).
  • Other suggestions?
All opinions gratefully received. Mojitos served. The end.

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