untune that string and hark

REG.v PERU.v ALDE.v: Probably just coincidence…

…the way they trade in lockstep with each other. Innit.

That’s the copper spot contract (HG00) to provide some context. For more, if you bother to lay just about any other junior copper name on that same chart, they all go in different ways and most rallied in October along with the metals. But REG PERU and ALDE didn’t, they all…kinda…sold down….at the same time. Any thoughts on that, Pete Panda? In your considered opinion, Pete, do you think it may be connected to a collective marketing strategy, or is it probably just a coincidence?


    Of all people… Do tell more please. Nothing surprises me anymore these days.


    I can understand the criticism of all kinds of participants in the mining scene, but why pick on a small little known Belgian blogger?


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