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Regarding Ecuador

IKN Nerve Centre passes on a quick thought about the country of Ecuador, as your own country’s newsflow probably has more than enough to handle and you may not have heard that this country is going downhill fast. 
The official figures for Covid-19 today are 2,758 infections and 98 deaths, but that is almost certainly wildly underestimating things because testing is very thin on the ground. The city of Guayaquil is catching some world headlines as people have resorted to leaving dead bodies on the streets, as authorities have failed to collect them from people’s homes and bodies are being left to rot next to grieving family members. Trying to get a handle on the unofficial numbers is a little like herding cats, but reasonable local reporting that cites people in the worst affected areas say police yesterday picked up 150 bodies from the streets of Guayaquil. Other stories have better sources but are equally as horrific, such as this from the city of Bobohoyo where a man with suspected late stage Covid-19 was brought to a hospital. He was assigned a bed in the Covid-19 ward, refused to enter the ward due to the conditions, evaded security guards and escaped on foot from the hospital, only to collapse and died half a block away.
President Moreno was already unpopular with Ecuador’s rank and file, his image has only sunk further due to his country’s weak reaction to the pandemic. Its official Covid-19 figures are a tissue of lies and calls for the resignation of Moreno are louder by the day. The country has the smell of one spiralling out of control and you may want to re-consider any financial exposure you have to it.

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