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Regarding Fission Uranium (FCU.to) and allegations “that have been made public” about Dirty Dev

This a partial screenshot of Red Cloud’s note to clients today on Fission Uranium (FCU.to):

Today, during trading hours, Red Cloud withdrew its target price on Fission Uranium (FCU.to) for the reasons seen above. However, it’s telling to note the phrase picked out of their note for this post’s title. Consider the difference in real information between these two sentences:
“As a result of allegations, we are suspending coverage…”
“As a result of allegations that have been made public, we are suspending coverage…”
The casual blind eye afforded to Dev Randhawa by Vancouver is over and, to its credit, Red Cloud has been brave enough to admit its hypocrisy first (others will follow, be in no doubt). Any analyst worth their salt who has covered FCU.to knows  all about that nefarious toerag’s reputation, but up to now he’s been given a pass by “the community”. However and suddenly, thanks to some extremely brave (it cannot be underestimated) people stepping forward and testifying against Dirty Dev, Red Cloud sees the light. Better late than never, welcome to the right side.
This humble corner of cyberspace hopes other consciences are suitably piqued and that other corners of the mining community step forward (and my stars, you know who you are). It may be your last opportunity to be on the right side of history. Or perhaps you’d like this conversation in a few years’ time:

“Daddy, what did you do when mining finally cleaned up its act back in 2020?”
“Well son, I sided with the sexist pigs.”

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