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Regarding the 35% drop in Orezone (ORE.v) today

It is Monday August 16th, 2021 and the price of the Orezone (ORE.v) shares you bought in June on the back of decent drill results and renewed M&A speculation has suddenly dumped at the bell, for no apparent reason and on no news. The soft trading continues all morning, with some bargain hunters showing up in the afternoon, the stock puts in a small rally and closes down 8% or so, at C$1.81. Then, next morning, ORE.v drops a NR telling of some corporate problem and there’s a rush for the door, another 20% down and a C$1.45 close.


    I think this answers all my questions. So now I want to know is how do I change my icon so I can make it look cool?


    They don’t have a raise with stock going free-trading in August. Any particular reason you think this is coming?


    He said he was going to expand his thoughts on the weekend .
    No PP was mentioned just that drilling was good which prompted buying .
    But what could possibly go wrong in a far away country being invaded by funded , roving armies that are gaining a foothold ..


      I get there Burkina has risks but that’s been true for years and doesn’t seem to be what he is implying. I’m just trying to figure out if he chose a specific date for some specific reason or it’s more just a random “sometime in the future” post. For 4-month hold the PP would have to occur in April to go free trading in August. They’re financed through construction, RCF keeps backing them. Not sure what I’m missing.


        Jane – Perhaps you are missing how they do business . He is just giving an example of how something negative would probably be handled .
        This week we got the treatment surrounding a positive event , all good .
        But what if something went wrong .Hopefully wouldn’t happen but this is mining in Africa .
        I added my opinion of something that might happen ; which is based on the encroaching terrorist army push in a Southern direction ..
        Politics and government confiscation ?


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