Every why hath a wherefore

Responding to some Eco Oro (EOM.to) mailbag…

…via a post on the blog instead of replying to the mails, further to our succinct translation of the company’s NR last night and the company PPS drop of over 50% today*.
The main repeated issue to address is that no, this doesn’t affect your life in any way, unless of course you were stupid enough to believe the BS story that the new controllers of Greystar Eco Oro (EOM.to) spun you (and i bet if that’s you, you’re actually reading the “forward looking statements” page on a corporate presentation for the first time ever today). It doesn’t even affect you if you own shares in other Colombia based juniors, because the EOM.to thing is a company-specific problem and the ruling against that band of jokers is no reflection on the Colombian government’s attitude towards the mining industry. Of course EOM.to management would like you to believe otherwise, but guess where they score on the credibility-o-meter these days?
So don’t throw babies out with scuzzy, mucky, smelly, dirty bathwater, folks. No reason to sell Colombia juniors just because a single company run by arrogant fools tried to pull the wool over your eyes. 
*Hey, you know those annoying bastards who say “hah toldyaso”? Well…toldyaso, and hah.

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