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Reuters on the far left in Peru

An interesting piece from Reuters Peru linked here that examines the role of far left political parties in today’s Peru. The basic thrust of the piece is that because Humala ran on a left-leaning ticket but once in power veered sharply to the right, the political vacuum left by this move has allowed far-left parties to grow during his first year in office.
My personal comment on the piece is that it’s a bit too sensationalist. Yes, the far left has a position in natioal politics in Peru but that hasn’t suddenly happened, because tiny minority far left and far right parties have always existed in the country. What we do see is people paying more attention to what they do, which creates a reflection of growth rather than true growth. Away from the rural pockets where they might have some limited influence, the far left in Peru is abhorred and mainly for what it did during the Shining Path years. So hey, I disagree with this “dangerous rise of…” theory put forward by Reuters today, but do agree that the far left is at least getting more column inches. The tail wags the dog.

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