Take physic, pomp

Rice with mango

In Spanish there’s an expression “arroz con mango”, literally “rice with mango”. Suggesting a combination of two foods that don’t work together, it’s
used when something that looks cobbled together for convenience
purposes with no real strategic direction, a weird fusion, a concept that leaves one scratching the noggin
. This news out of Gold Mountain (GUM.v), Lowell Copper (JDL.v) and Anthem United (AFY.v) Monday morning fits right in with the image. Sticking together a failed David Lowell vehicle (yes and I know he’s one of the most successful exploration geologists ever but he’s taken risks all his life and it’s hardly the first time a project has blown up on him, as he’d be first to tell you) that was supposed to go for the Ricardo project in Chile (the fabled bit that fell off Chuqui), a Marin Katusa piece of moose pasture in Canada that Almaden managed to fob off to him once upon a time that’s never going anywhere (they don’t even bother to hide its Moosiness, calling it Elk) then tiny toll miner start-up in Peru that was put together to try and ride what’s turned out to be a very small wave in Canadian public companies doing what Peruvian private companies do, but much cheaper. So count it up and…

…massive (and failed) copper target in Chile (JDL also brings in a marginal second string copper thing in Ecuador, too)
…tiny toll mill in Peru running at a loss
…early stage gold thing in Canada that will go nowhere recent used by Katusa and Rick Rule as a pump job. 

Why they should stick these three together, aside from the fact they share the same office space and might get sponsorship from Sandstorm (SAND) just down the corridor, is beyond me. Apart from the obvious potential of pumping another piece of crap to retail saps. Marcel de Groot, David De Witt and all those Pathway guys trying to save something from this collective mess, I suppose.

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