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Rick Rule’s optionality Q&A

I’ve been sent this five times now, which is sufficient nudging I think. 
On this link find the question and answer session that Rick Rule did regarding “optionality” a couple of weeks ago, which was released to the general public yesterday (Sprott clients have had access to it all this time). In it, Rule answers queries from clients and goes over this whole optionality idea (a.k.a the zero sum game of Greater Fool). And as one of my mailers, reader MS points out…
“FYI.  I assume that several people have already forwarded this to you,
but just in case – you were mentioned/addressed several times during the
Q&A session.  Kind of funny, because at one point, one can sense
some annoyance with the attention your comments have received.”
…so you get to hear Rule’s drawl of the word “Otto” all as a special bonus. Though for what it’s worth, on my reading of his voice I don’t think he was annoyed at me or the questions, he sounds like that all the time. :-). Here’s the link again, just in case.

PS: Oh yeah, nearly forgot; for my rant on this whole optionality thing and why I think Rick Rule (and his snotty neophyte hangers-on like Marin Count Dracula Katusa) is wrong about this whole subject, here’s the link.

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