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Rio2 (RIO.v) is building a mine

It took around three months longer than an already-delayed timeline, but finally Rio2 Ltd (RIO.v) has delivered the goods to the market. The news today means Chile gets a new gold mine and the backers involved, Wheaton Stuff and Things (WPM) and BNP Paribas, are the world-standard level that make gold mines happen. It also makes Sandstorm Gold (SAND) look very stupid, their much-vaunted technical team missed a golden opportunity due to a basic lack of brainpower and understanding of how mining works. This deal is also an innovative and smart one for WPM, but I digress, all the gossip is for another day and tonight, it’s RIO.v’s moment in the spotlight.

Now get on and build it, Alex. We’ve been patient, it’s time to make your backers some decent money.


    GSpot NYC Babeeeee 20/07/21 3:56 pm

    As critical as you are/were on Orezone wonder if you’ll have a meltdown on Rio2 for leaking out the news before the close today. Prob not cuz you are a hack to 😉

    Rio2 Limited +7.25% today on 2x daily volume but I’m sure just a coincidence right Right Otto? Right Otto?


      The magnitude of ignorance on display here will either make you squirm with embarrassment over your market naivete in a couple of decades, or you remain a failure at trading. It’s a minor miracle you managed to spell all the words right.


      I’m curious I’d the delay in reopening is because of leaks. I’m guessing BNP would be quite the sieve.


    Thanks Mark – weekend analysis will be much anticipated – likewise any comments regarding the resignations by Appian and whether that changes any thesis.


    Any opinion on WPM? I here a lot of negativity regarding the gold stream.

    Mark steamboat spr 21/07/21 4:52 am

    Mark, if you have anything to add regarding the water situation for Phase 2, please comment on Sunday.

    Moe Great White North 22/07/21 5:50 am

    If one didn’t get in early, as a Top Pick it’s been dead money and probably will be for some time.


      Your derision of the Rio2 choice seems justified by the stock price deterioration by now! (Got any choice picks of your own for us?)


    timber>>more dilution other ink kola dog


    The relentless decay in the stock price is really alarming. Today the price of gold itself rose sharply from $1725USD in the morning to $1757USD by noon Eastern, a height it held the rest of the day, yet the price of Rio2 decayed even further, with about a 3.8% decline for the day! What reason do shareholders have not to sell out of what acts like a “turkey” as it keeps descending?


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