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Rio2 (RIO.v) on Crux Investor

You’d be wise to watch all 43 minutes of this new Crux vid.

Unlike most of these spiels, this one has new and relevant information and if Alex Black’s ugly face makes you queasy, feel free to turn the screen off. Then you only have to listen to his irritating accent.


    Seems like a long ways off from production, and maybe hoping for an Intra like acquisition so they dont have to manage the heavy lifting. That was my take anyways

      Mike Lovely West Vancouver BC 21/12/20 7:58 pm

      Fair point Tom although ‘A long ways from production’ depends on your point of view. I think your point is that the stock price will not zoom up soon so you might as well go somewhere else and comes back when it is closer to production. I disagree. This is on a steady path up. The market cap is reasonable compared to anything perhaps similar. It is about $160 million vs $300 million for MAI and $256 million for Otto’s favorite MKO. Great resource and great management.


    Fair and accurate point and analysis.


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