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Rise Gold Increases Equity Financing to US$2,500,000

I see that two-faced internet snake-oil salesman and shyster Lawrence Lepard is still ripping off you suckers with his unpermittable pipe dream. So shame on you for falling for this one, the DD is easy enough and it’s in the English language. After all, it’s one thing to get the wool pulled over your eyes by a company and it’s fake community relations when it’s based in Bolivia or Madagascar, quite another when the town is in the good old USA, the company uses faked opinion polls to bolster their lies and the man involved is under criminal trial in Canada for exactly the type of environmental mess RISE says it won’t cause when it re-starts its mine.

The moral vacuum Larry L knows retail is the crop that never fails. He has received his reward. Hey Larry! Why not shout “WEIMAR!!!” at the top of your voice again? You might catch the attention of another bunch of morons.

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    Lawrence Lepard has compunded about 2% per year in 17 years. Instead of hanging out on Twitter, he should learn to invest better.


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