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Rise Gold (RISE.cse) in 2020

This chart brings pleasure to this desk. It’s not the nominal price, which has yet to go through its inevitable collapse as the reality of this forked-tongue deal is revealed, but more the way nobody is buying. Volume at virtual zero means nobody has fallen for Ben Mossman and Lawrence Lepard’s dirty little scam and with vols this low, we can even see that the white collar criminal insiders are not buying or supporting the stock. They’re trapped in worthless paper and know it, so let them suffer all alone in 2021.


    “One day I’ll write the long post I’ve promised myself I’ll write that explains why Diego is the greatest, why Pele was, is and always will be an inferior player and person, and why Maradona is an important figure in the South American psyche.”

    Hey Otto, sorry to hijack this thread but I couldn’t leave comments for the older blog posts. The quote above is from your post of 27 Mar 2009. Any chance we’ll get to see your long post on the great man?


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