Take physic, pomp

Rob McEwen’s genius

Rob McEwen is many things to many people, but only the dumb would take away from his genius for promotion. He smells the new money interest at exactly the right time, sets up the promo and WHACK WHACK WHACK the new investor sees just how cheap Minera Andes (MAI.to) is (according to the owner of 33% of the stock, that is) at just the right time and from several different angles….

Look, the copper!
Look we produce gold and silver!
Look at the exploration potential!
Look at what happened to AND.to recently, newbie!

….all the angles that us jaded longtooths have always seen for X or Y number of months or years while never respectfully moving the stock for him. So now, all us “yesbut” merchants that knocked Minera Andes (MAI.to) for so long and just used it for a quickflip 20% here/15% there trading vehicle get to look stupid, while those that believed McEwen and were equipped with the Zen-like patience are sitting on a heavy win from a very short space of time.
Rob McEwen, you are a true genius at this mining game. I salute and applaud your brilliance.

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